Brelicon Technologies presents Brelicon EduAdmin - A Web Based Education ERP System

We would like to introduce Brelicon EduAdmin as an online based educational solution on cutting edge technology of modern era.

Brelicon EduAdmin is a A Comprehensive Software Solution for Schools, Colleges & Universities that is highly beneficial to educational institutions.

Using this system Administrator can monitor the overall working of your whole institution and have a control over its day-to day activities.

Brelicon EduAdmin has been designed keeping in view all the requirements of any Educational Institute and We can also develop and design more modules in our ERP Software according to user’s requirements.

Brelicon EduAdmin also includes a complete suite of portals to provide Management , faculty ,students and Parents with 24/7 access to information and services.

Our Module

brelicon product1
Student Information
brelicon product2
Fees Management
breliocon product3
Event Management
breliocon product4
Assignment Management

breliocon product5
Library Management
breliocon product6
Report Generation
breliocon product7
Result Management
breliocon product8
Leave Management

breliocon product9
SMS Notifications
breliocon product10
Exam Management
breliocon product11
Transportation Management
breliocon product12
Attendance Management

breliocon product13
Staff Management
breliocon product14
Performance Monitoring
breliocon product15
Campus Management
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Features of Brelicon EduAdmin

  • Advance Control Panel
  • Multiple and multi-level Users
  • Highly customizable, dynamic, flexible and tailor made as per the requirement
  • Absolute control on Institute processes through 100 % automation
  • Availability of real-time information
  • Quick & streamlined flow of Information
  • Easy Command, Control and communication
  • Budget control system, financial planning, Inventory control, Paper less transactions
  • Improved Decision-Making Capability
  • E-enabled to facilitate information access for parents, students, teachers, management, and alumni
  • Completely Web Based allow 24X7 availability
  • Brelicon EduAdmin helps in Brand building
  • Personalized services for Management, principal, faculty , students and Parents
  • Improved communication
  • Enhancing Security through Smart Card/ RF Proximity/ Bar Code
  • Mobile SMS service.
  • Upload, download facility for student, parents, teachers and management.
  • Simple and easy to implement and maintenance free environment.
  • Secure shared and personalized web based service.